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Spaeth Communications, Inc. is a Dallas-based firm recognized as a leader in the communications field for its innovative training and strategic consulting.

Spaeth's Mastering the MediaSM course is unlike any other. What makes Spaeth courses different is our unique methodology. Its application for dealing with the media provides a step-by-step program to get ready, whether it's for the media component of a marketing or educational campaign or to deal with adverse publicity. Additionally, the concept of “media” has changed dramatically, and Spaeth's model provides an analytical framework for applying the "media message" internally and externally along all channels of communication. We begin with audio and video interviews based on real scenarios and media opportunities. All our work is highly customized to your needs. The end result is not only improvement in skills and preparation, but material that is immediately useful.

You'll learn how to control the interview with trademarked techniques taught only by Spaeth and why practicing is vital. Participants learn skills which make rehearsing an efficient use of their time, and receive individual critique. Our hands-on training and copyrighted techniques make the training process enjoyable and easy to understand.

Do you have a crisis or are you proactively approaching the press to leverage a positive message to a target audience? The Spaeth trainers share well-publicized crises, which have shredded companies' reputations, other less publicized situations and 'those which never reached the press.' Participants will learn how a crisis, handled well, raises employee morale, supports stock prices and increases credibility. A crisis ignored or poorly handled lingers for years.

The Mastering the MediaSM course will also show you how to leverage the media as a communication and promotional tool. Soon the media will seek you out as an expert in your industry.

After a Spaeth day of training you will feel confident and comfortable about communicating with the media and your definition of media will have expanded to take advantage of new opportunities.