Bimbo Memo©

The Bimbo Memo© recognizes dumb public comments made during the year. The criterion for nomination is that the speaker causes the listener to believe exactly the opposite of what is said. The Memo is a reminder that repeating negative words only reinforces the negative message as well as misses the opportunity to convey the right message to the reader or listener. At the end of every year, we choose our favorite and crown a "BIMBO of the Year."

bimbo ribonThe Bimbo Memo was created by Merrie Spaeth, former Director of Media Relations for President Reagan at the White House, memorializing the protest of a young lady whose tryst with a well-known evangelist some years ago made news around the world. Her comment, "I Am Not a Bimbo," became the headline in scores of newspapers and made the cover of People Magazine in 1987.

We hope you enjoy, and at the same time learn a lesson from the BIMBO Memo. We distribute the Memo monthly, as well as post it on our Web site. If you would like to receive the Memo, you can sign up here. .

Keep your eyes and ears open for BIMBO nominations. We are always looking for them. Contributors whose BIMBO nominations are used in the monthly Memo will receive an orange, "NO BIMBO" ribbon that is suitable for display and identifies you as someone who is savvy and has a good sense of humor. It's easy to submit nominations through our online nomination form or you can mail them in to:

Bimbo Memo Nominations
3405 Oak Grove Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204

(Submissions are kept absolutely confidential.)